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We provide our expertise to adapt scientific content to different types of applications. We provide our expertise to make scientific content suitable to different types of applications.


Creation of videos, infographics, Ui, Ux design, content and educational app texts with the support of artists, disseminators and technicians from different fields.


Based on national and international educational programmes, we develop learning objects suitable for evaluating hard skills and soft skills, integrating these solutions alongside teachers to personalise and improve teacher communication and student learning. But we are convinced/firmly believe that e-learning, with the necessary adaptations, is also a powerful tool to better understand the general public, that is increasingly confused by today’s communication on scientific topics.


We have over 20 years’ experience in proposal writing and project management at national and European level, we can integrate our own content and in-house developed technologies into these projects to maximise the dissemination aspects and interaction with target audiences