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Space42 was born out of a desire to communicate how Space exploration is changing the way we perceive everything that surrounds us. How do we get ready to live on another planet? What can we understand about our planet if we look at it from Space? When was the Universe born and what is it made of? Our mission is to translate these and countless more questions into Multimedia Content, Events and Workshops. With the aim of instilling, especially in the younger generation, a passion for the study of STEAM subjects and basic Sciences, which are the launch pad of space exploration.

We organise outreach activities at all kinds of scientific events in Italy and Europe. We take care of every logistical/organisational detail as well as planning and setting up the content and activities. Our primary goal is to ensure the maximum involvement of the participants.

We provide our expertise to make scientific content suitable to different types of applications.

We believe that a “hands on approach” is the key element in any dissemination process. That’s why the goal of our workshops is to highlight the active interaction with the proposed contents, whether they’re digital or live.

What we do

From Earth to Space

The discovery of Space represents the final frontier of human exploration. Bringing life to another planet, exploring our solar system or observing the furthest corners of the universe means/it’s like talking about a great adventure, but above all, about science at its best.

From Space to Earth

Looking at our planet from space gives us a comprehensive view .Earth Observation missions show us how it changes, over time, both locally and globally. It’s what allows us to talk about satellites, orbits and sensors. But also to create activities related to climate change, human impact and environmental sustainability.